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wooden jewellery componants ready to be made into jewellery
profile image of Amber Cooper-Green in colourful dress and silver jewellery
Necklace from graduate collection
Work in progress image of colourful rings
silly profile image of Amber Cooper-Green with big pink glasses and pink hair

Amber Cooper-Green is a Nottingham based jewellery designer and graduate from Birmingham City University’s renowned Jewellery Design and Related Products course (2016). She is interested in the investigation of materials and simplistic forms. Amber creates statement fashion forward jewellery, made from reclaimed hardwoods, scrap acrylic, recycled silver and pre-loved knitting needles. She designs with wearability and comfort as a key feature, allowing the perfect harmony between outlandish, avant-garde, and everyday wearable art. She also creates collections in silver, gold plated silver, wall art and bold powder coated jewellery that live within the same aesthetic realm.  Lamination is the key process Amber uses to gain seamless transitions between the wood and acrylic layers. It was this process and its material outcome that inspired her whole collection. Newer pieces are inspired by pebbles, both their shapes and her inadvertent attraction to hold them. Each article is individually hand crafted and holds a certain warmth, transpired through both the pieces tactility, smooth sanded surfaces, and earthy wooden tones. This is interrupted by explosions of colour. The perfect juxtaposition of manmade and natural materials.

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